Wondershare MobileGo Review – Best Mobile Manager

Is your phone working so slow that you prefer to do the work on your desktop? Is the storage running out very quickly even after you have deleted your favorite apps and you have no clue why? Are you losing important data even when you have not deleted anything? Or phones tend to show that the memory is full even after we delete stuff and then they start to lag while functioning. At such times it is advisable to connect it to a computer and first back up all your data so that you don’t lose anything while making sure your phone is working properly. After that you can check on the computer if it certain files are taking up too much space and shift them into your computer to? To do all this very efficiently you might want to make you of this amazing creation that Wondershare has brought to us: Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo Review

MobileGo is your one stop solution that lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle in one convenient place as claimed by Wondershare. But it truly does justice to all that it promises. The application’s interface is upbeat, organized and attractively laid out. Once you run it, the home screen appears with a complete overview of your phone’s storage capacity along with the contents of any storage card you may have.

organised android managerOrganized Android Manger

Once you connect your phone to your computer your work is more than half done because Wondershare MobileGo organizes all the contents of your phone so comprehensively that you are able to view all of it on the screen you can very easily back up data, delete unwanted things, manage tasks, import and export music and videos, transfer older pictures and so much more in just a few clicks. Contacts which are the most important in a phone, without which a phone is rendered practically useless. It is necessary to back them up and with Wondershare MobileGo you can do it with the click of just one button.

Mirror your Android Device to your Computer

This is one amazing feature that you can’t miss at all. Wondershare MobileGo literally mirrors your phone onto your computer. Anything that you could do on your phone is now doable on your computer. From answering phones to sending text messages, watching movies to playing games. Certain applications are limited only to mobile devices. With Wondershare MobileGo you can use these on the computer too. Also all the notifications that you get on your phone will now be visible on the screen of your PC. This feature may sound as a meagre one but it you will realize its importance when you start using Wondershare MobileGo.

In conclusion, this software is a complete marvel for all android users. If your device is not supported by Wondershare MobileGo you might face some troubles, but the customer care will fix it for you within the span of just some days. I would definitely recommend it to all android users. I hope this Wondershare MobileGo Review was of help to you.