Wondershare iOS Data Recovery Review

Deleted anything and everything from your iPhone, iPad or iTouch and fretting over as to how to retrieve it? Pull up your socks and also your smiles because the solution to your hitch starts with Dr. and ends with Fone. For those of you who refuse to believe in magic, here is your proof in disguise of Dr.Fone. This iPhone data recovery software enables you to restore text messages, photos, videos, documents, and more from your device, iTunes or iCloud backup.

When you own an iPhone or any other iDevice, it is very easy to lose all your data just by touching the screen of your device just a few times. There may be various other reasons because of which you may lose the data. A broken screen or even a broken device could be one of the major reason. The device may be of no use but the data that it contains is invaluable, right? A failed iOS is also one reason due to which a lot many iDevice users have lost all their data.

Wondershare iOS Data Recovery Review

Recover Data

Dr.Fone is an extremely user-friendly tool that assists you to restore videos, text messages, photos, contacts, call logs, memos, and calendars. Not only this but even your Safari bookmarks are returned to their apt place on your iDevice. How does this wonder work? It works in only three easy steps. You can review the files you lost and then recover them with just a few clicks.

Retrieve Lost Messages, Photos and More from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

What’s more is that retrieving your lost data is as simple as counting to three. With excellent guidelines and easy user-interface this app created by Wondershare is an absolute wonder in itself. All your lost messages and pictures, even from third party applications can be restored. Call history, calendar entries and even deleted multimedia can be retrieved.

Preview Data Before Retrieval

Once you connect your phone to your computer and run Wondershare Dr.Fone, the software scans your device for all the data that can be recovered. All the data can be previewed and only the data that want can be chosen for retrieval. The files that you no longer need and are consuming a lot of space can be permanently thrown out.

Fix the Operating System of iOS Devices

When your iPad, iPhone or iPod is stuck and appears blank or is stuck on the Apple logo or is performing a little uncharacteristically, Wondershare Dr.Fone can be made use of. It has an amazing Repair Operating System feature which can repair it in the span of less than ten minutes.

So, when and if you lose data on your device look nowhere else but at Dr.Fone for iOS because it is the best you have got. I would recommend you to give it a try and do comment below as to how you found the app. I hope this Wondershare iOS Data Recovery Review was of help to you.