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In today’s times, our cell phones have become our lifelines. Can you imagine even one day without your phone? Impossible, right? But what if you delete all the data on your phone by mistake? Even worse, right? We have often witnessed loss of data from somebody or other’s phone due to various reasons.  Sometimes you just restore the factory settings and then boom! Your data has disappeared. Phones are only machines and may just stop working someday and account in loss of your data. Sometimes we damage our android devices in such a manner that we can’t get through their systems.

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Wondershare Android Data Recovery Review

At all such times we are desperate for such a software that can recover and restore your data with paramount ease. Wondershare is here with yet another marvel that will help you recover your data from your Android phone: Wondershare Dr Phone Android Data Recovery.

Preview Recoverable Data

previewIt is very important to know what can be recovered from the data that you have lost. It will be foolish if you buy a data recovery software if only a little amount of data can be restored, especially if it does not include the most necessary files. With Wondershare Dr Phone Android Data Recovery can get a preview of the data that is available to you for recovery. After you connect your damaged android device, from which you wish to recover your data, you can check what data is recoverable for absolutely no charge.

Flexible Recovery Options

flexible recovery optionData recovery with Wondershare Dr Phone for Android Data Recovery is extremely lithe. You can choose and check the data that you want to recover. Also it supports more than several data types and file formats. Be it the contacts that you have lost or the messages, anything can be recovered.  Audio, third-party application history, videos, document files, images can be recovered. Even your call history. All you have to do is choose the class or document kind you want to recover and use the wizard to scan for them. Dr Phone supports the recovery on almost all android specific file formats and extensions like jpg, png, gif, xml, html, csv, vcf, mp4, mp3, docx, doc and several other formats.

Support to Several Devices

supports several devicesA data recovery software is of no use if it does not support your android device. Wondershare Dr Phone for Android Data Recovery offers support to more than 2000 devices. It is compatible with any Android operational system as well as newer devices, such as like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Acer, Nexus, Dell, Asus and Archos. It supports almost all models that these companies offer. You might face a problem if you on a newer device but Wondershare Dr Phone for Android Data Recovery will still work if you root your device.

Concluding, Wondershare Dr Phone for Android Data Recovery is an efficient option as it works magnificently and is extremely easy to use. It is also 100% safe, hence you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data. Do give it a try and comment about your experience below. Also, doo let me know if you found Wondershare Dr Phone for Android Data Recovery Review useful.