Top 4 Windows PDF Converters

Nowadays Portable Document Formats files are available for anything and everything that you might ask for.  These files are almost life savers at times when you are in an urgency to submit a project or give a presentation. But the problem arises when you have to convert them to any other format. It is not as easy as it sounds and you realize this only when you start this conversion. At such times it is advisable to use software which make this conversion possible in a matter of minutes. If you are a Windows user, here is a list of the Top 4 Windows PDF Converters.

Top 4 Windows PDF Converters

Adobe Acrobat XI StandardAdobe Acrobat XI Standard

Adobe Acrobat XI Standard is one of the most well-known PDF converter that you must have come across. A majority of Windows users use this because of its reliability. It allows conversion of all Microsoft Office documents into PDF format through a sequence of easy steps. It converts not only Word documents but also PowerPoint and Excel files to the PDF format. Also, any document that is printable can be converted to the PDF format by using the print option. Also the documents of which you have a hard copy of your document, you can scan convert it to the PDF format by using the Scan option. Conversion to and from PDF is possible with Adobe Acrobat XI Standard.

PDF-Xchange ProPDF-Xchange Pro

PDF-Xchange Pro is a PDF converter that is mainly used for Windows 7. The soft provides an easy and reliable solution for conversion of various file formats into PDF documents that are searchable. This feature is not provided by many PDF converters. It has a special print option that it uses for PDF conversion for Windows seven. The conversion process is very quick and happens in a matter of minutes. It also extracts content from PDF to Text/Image. This converter is often rated among the top ones.

Nuance PDF Converter Professional Nuance PDF Converter Professional

Nuance PDF Converter for Windows is converter that is rated at the top mainly because it is extremely reliable and offers value for money. The interface, Man Machine Interface (MMI) which is the one of the best one can come across, makes using this software very easy. Moreover, it can make conversions from and to any possible formats. One thing that may not seem very useful but in fact is, is that it has a drag and drop option for PDF conversion within a file.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter ProWondershare PDF Converter (Standard) is an outstanding PDF to JPG converter which lets the users to download the software and convert PDF files with just a few simple clicks. It can convert files from any format to PDF and vice versa. The output of the conversion is editable. You are enabled to convert PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. one very impressive feature is that you can protect your output with a password if you are using Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. Also, it incorporates a very reliable OCR technology to turn image PDF files to editable documents. It is an affordable option and provides many benefits that other converters don’t.  

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