How to Use Multiple Cameras to Monitor Effectively

Surveillance cameras are set up at almost every place that we visit nowadays. Different places require different settings of surveillance systems. A large place like a mall or a parking lot most definitely needs more than one camera for effectively covering the entire region.  Usually, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) based Surveillance Systems are used for the purpose of multi camera monitoring.  This solution is of a good kind but is costly owing to the huge hardware expenses.



Use Multiple Cameras to Monitor Effectively

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Development in technology and mainly in monitoring systems have presented us with a cheap but reliable monitoring solution. All you need is a couple of web cams and a software like WebCam Monitor and you are good to go. Setting up of a single camera is quite easy and you mostly would not need any external help. But when you want to set up a monitoring system with multiple cameras you would need a detailed and easy-to-read guide which can take you through the process without you having to fret over anything.

Setting Up your Cameras

You will have to start by setting up your camera. For that, first decide the place at which you want your cameras. They will most probably be entry and exit points. Once you recognize these places, you can determine the number of cameras necessary to fill in the gaps.  WebCam Monitor can be used with cameras directly connected to the computer (using USB or FireWire ports).  One PC with WebCam Monitor can control up to 4 cameras in rotation. When a camera is connected to the PC using USB or FireWire, WebCam Monitor will detect it automatically.  You can then use the Preview window on the main interface to position the cameras to cover the susceptible points you had recognized.

Cycling Through Multiple Devices with WebCam Monitor

After you have set up the cameras you, go to the Cycle Cameras option in the General settings. Here you can select the cycle rate at which you want the cameras to swap and display their recording on your computer screen.  WebCam Monitor will automatically swap the cameras at the intermission you select, letting you keep a watch on all your cameras.

To Schedule Multiple Webcams to Monitor:

  1. Start WebCam Monitor.
  2. Click on Tools >> Scheduler.step 2
  3. On Manage Schedule form, click on Add.step 3
  4. Select cameras and actions.
  5. You can select the schedule to be invoked one timedailyweeklymonthly or on application start up.
  6. Click OK to save the settings and return to the Manage Schedule dialog.

Now you can set the software in such a manner that it gives you updated periodically. Was setting up cameras ever this simple? No, right? I hope this How to Use Multiple Cameras to Monitor Effectively was of use to you. Do let me know via comments in the comment box below.