Top 5 Best Free MP4 Video Editors

Finding the best video editing software for your videos can be a little difficult task. We really get confused which could be the best MP4 video editors for our creativity.

Here, we will help you with 5 best free MP4 video editors. We will explain you the details of the 5 best video editor. So, that it could be easy for you to understand each and every feature of the 5 video editing software to select.

Top 5 Best Free MP4 Video Editors

  1. Wondershare Filmora


Wondershare Filmora is one of the best Video Editing software as compared to other video editing software’s in the market. It is the most effective and amazing video editor. You can create your own style text with different animations as well. It even allows you to add different music to your video to create a different atmosphere for the audiences. More features like adding overlays, filters and different creative handcrafts can be added to make your video look more creative and attractive. Motion Graphics can be easily added to make your video more impressive for the viewers. You can even create your video with time lapse or slow motion effects. To bring the best clarity into your video you can make HD videos as well.

  1. Windowsfree mp4 video editor

Windows Movie Maker is being a part of Windows Operating System for many years and is also the best editing tool as well. MPV4, MOV, WMV, M4V and many other formats are supported by Windows Movie Maker. To add videos to the computer you can easily use drag and drop option and videos can easily be added to the program. The additional features may include combining of videos or photos, adding music or sound, applying different effects to make your video look more creative, playing videos with different speed of time. It even allows you to post videos on different social media platforms like YouTube and many more.

  1. iMoviesfree mp4 video editor

iMovies can give you the features of Turing your video into the best production. You can easily and very quickly enhance your videos. It is a very user-friendly software and can be handled with an ease. You can easily import videos into the program and can start editing with different tools and functions like adding effects, music, sounds, filters and then later you can preview your result as well. Once you’re done with all your changes you can export the video into your iOS any other internet usages as well.

  1. Avidemuxfree mp4 video editor

For Window, Mac Operating System it is a free open source Avidemux Video Editor. It supports a wide range of different formats like MOV, MP4, M4V, AVI and many more. It come with few well selected features like cropping, filtering and encoding different task as well. It even allows you to frame rate different configuration, adding effects, decoding options and other different processing tools as well. Another unique feature is that it can automate using projects and job queue.

  1. Lightworksfree mp4 video editor

Lightwork is one of the most unique video editing tools for all MP4 video editors. It a very simple to use software and is very user-friendly. It allows you to trim your videos, add different audios, you can even add different videos together with just few clicks in the program. It allows you to add a professional color correction, video capturing functions, adding real time affects, and different board video format support. It has a wide range of video editing formatting tools. It gives you a very high video quality.

In the above top 5 best free video editors we will strongly recommend you with Wondershare Filmora video editor. It will provide you with the best user-friendly support and is compatible with all operating systems as well. It is having a wide range of additional features which is not available in other video editing software’s

Hope you liked the above article of top 5 best free MP4 video editors and if you find any of your favourite video editing software is missing above so do let us know by commenting.

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