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team task managerWhen you own a huge company and you have many employees you have to have a very efficient system through which your employees can communicate through. Task managers are of utmost importance when it comes to effective maintenance and organization of office work. Also, it is important for all the employees to have unhindered access to all the data that is worked on by anyone. To ensure this you need something like a team task manager. Deskshare has brought to us this Team task manager which you can blindly rely on.

Team Task Manager Review

Deskshare’s Team Task Manager is built keeping in mind tea.  It has a lot to offer. Deskshare’s Team Task Manager helps you keep your files organized and also keeps a tab on the assigned tasks. You can also create hierarchical tasks groups and put together a commenting system and customize the order of work flow.

Task Management

TaskManagementWith Deskshare’s Team Task Manager work becomes a lot simpler. You can create projects and task groups and give access to only those who are involved to these task groups. Setting a hierarchy also becomes easy and then the work easily flows in the required order. A proper date and duration for the work can also be set. One feature that simplifies work to the fullest is that of adding comments and notes wherever necessary and you can also filter the tasks based on twelve criteria that Deskshare’s Team Task Manager provides.

Team Management

TeamManagementCertain tasks are trusted upon only a certain amount of people to maintain confidentiality of the project and prevent important information from leaking out. With Deskshare’s Team Task Manager you are enabled to control the access of your employees to the projects. Sometimes to-do-lists can be interdependent and keeping them open can save a lot of time.  Deskshare’s Team Task Manager allows you to create an individual to-do-list for each member but also keep it open for others to view. The report view function allows you to follow-up on   the work of every member. You are also notified if changes are made to the files or folders.

Features at a Glance

DocumentSharingCertain projects involve a lot many member and can get burdening if not managed properly. With Deskshare’s Team Task Manager you can get a very detailed overview of who is working at what position on the project, how much work has been done and other common problems. Also the GANTT charts provide a graphical overview which makes your work simpler. Project reports can be reviewed by team members and a burn down chart is displayed with the remaining work.

Security of all the data and the projects in something that worries all of us. Deskshare’s Team Task Manager includes a discreet data sharing feature that allows you to securely share data without it being leaked anywhere. Sharing data with one and all in the crew gets simpler when dire information is kept and protected in a central place.

Team Task Manager can be installed in any computer and that computer becomes a part of LAN. The user then can access any information on any computer in the LAN without the need of internet and because the internet in not involved there is no risk of information getting leaked online.