Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair Review

The fraudulency of memorandums is very ordinary when it comes to working with MS Excel and we ascendantly need to get out of this mess. Also many times, Excel sheets get damaged because of software crashing or system shutdown or virus bribing, etc. leading to Excel sheet becoming damaged or corrupt and so the corrupted or damaged files like .xls and .xlsx can now be repaired with this Excel Repair software. All the select excel files will get scanned and be restored back with the help of advanced algorithm features inbuilt in this Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair software. All you need is an operating system of Windows 8/7/Vista/XP along with a reasonable memory of 10 MB or more.

Beneficial Features of Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair Software

Simple Excel Repair

The very common symptom of a file getting corrupted is that the application becomes slow and steady due to big excel workbooks or an error occurring during saving an excel file. This makes the Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair Software aware of the corruption and fixes all the damage along with recovering to its original state. The whole excel batch is repaired in one go.

Recovers Almost Anything

The Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair tool possesses the ability to recover almost anything in excel life without any changes be it in layout, formatting and other properties. Also the formatted charts, user-specified charts, worksheet properties, and condition formatting rules, numbers, numbers, engineering formulas, shared formulas, texts and rules can be recovered.

GUI and Performs Selective Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair for Windows/Mac makes your browsing experience faster and smoother with its inbuilt explorer-based interface feature. Also this excel repair tool has a detailed step-by-step wizard to get the best results in all kinds of repair tasks. Also there is an option called “Search File” or ‘Find File’ which helps you to search and select excel files from your PC. All the excel files can be found.

Shows Real-Time Preview

A real time preview of all the repaired Excel files and their objects is supplied by Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair tool. You can even check its accuracy level with this option.


  1. You can recover only the important damaged files and leave the rest as this Excel recovery software offers the preview of the damaged files.
  2. Also the recovery of multiple Excel files is simultaneously supported.
  3. A warning will be displayed by stellar phoenix excel repair software to if any excel sheet has some formulas in them, as the software will ned some extra add ins to cover these formulas.
  4. The most heavily damaged Excel documents can be repaired and restored handily.


  1. The searches take a few seconds to be generated.
  2. Irritable repeat clicking will only slow the software more down when there already is a lag.
  3. Spreadsheets containing vital information can be lost if it’s a virus matter.
  4. No editing can be done and the document can be even explored before saving it.

Now hope you are well aware with Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair software and its features and working too. Give this software a shot and do let us know your queries and suggestion and experience in the below given comment division.