How to Spy Emails on BlackBerry Device with FlexiSPY?

Remember that time when Blackberry phones were newly launched and they were the only ones you could easily access your emails with? Since then these phones are used widely used, especially by office goers. These phones are also given to employees by their employers to use as office phones. But sometimes you have to make sure if these phones are not being used for any other purpose. At such times you have to make use of spying software. Very few are available which can spy on a BlackBerry device. One such very reliable software is FlexiSPY. Here is how you can use it to spy on emails on a BlackBerry device.


Step 1: Login to your FlexiSPY dashboard to access the portal.

The first thing you will be required to do is download and install FlexiSPY. After that is done, open the software on your computer. You will have an account where all the noted information from the target phone will go to. This is where you will eventually view all the recorded data. Here and now, what you need to do is, login to this account via the portal.

Step 2: Click the Messages tab and then Emails.

Now, an interface window will appear that will show you the various places, FlexiSPY has collected and stored data from. Options like emails, call logs, alarms, pictures, videos, messages, etc. Because you have to check emails, click on emails and then on that tab select Emails.

Step 3: View email messages captured by FlexiSPY that are listed for you to view.

On the window that appears, all the messages will appear. You can go through them.

It seems to easy to be true, right? But it is that easy. I would definitely recommend FlexiSPY to you. I hope this How to Spy on Emails on a BlackBerry Device with FlexiSPY article was of use to you. Do let me know via comments.