Top 5 Spotify Rippers

We often listen to music on Spotify and wish to have it on our portable devices but the problem arises when you are not allowed to download the music. At such times you should make use of rippers. Here is a list of the top five ripping software.


Top 5 Spotify Rippers

Streaming Music Recorder

Streaming music recorderThis is another wonderful creation from Wondershare. Wondershare Streaming music recorder is an amazing ripper which is extremely easy to use and can be used by novice users also. Its interface is straightforward and can be easily understood. It allows you to record audio from any online source like YouTube, radio stations, Spotify and many other sources. Once it is launched it synchronizes all the details automatically without you having to do anything additional. Streaming music recorder is a very small in size and does not occupy a lot of space on your hard drive. If you are judging this software based on the trial version of it, then do don’t do so because the software is much better than its trial version.

Replay MusicReplay Music

Another brilliant software for the purpose of ripping is Replay Music. It is widely used for the purpose of personal recording of music. Replay Music is also very user friendly and comprehensible. What is more is that there are pre-assigned links to the famous and most used music networks and tracks. This makes browsing and recording a more time saving ordeal. The biggest reason because of which it is so famous amongst Windows users is because it is absolutely free. But the Mac users do not need to be disappointed because the full version of Replay Music for Mac is available at a mere price of $15.


Audacity is a very basic software unlike the others mentioned in this list. It supports the basic process of ripping but you may face certain problems with it. It is rather slow and requires you to monitor basic actions too. And when it comes to many songs together Audacity lacks a little. Recording multiple songs together is difficult and messy and the results are not satisfactory. But not many complaints are made because free versions of it are available for both Windows and Mac.

iSkysoft Audio RecorderiSkysoft Audio Recorder

iSkysoft Audio Recorder a pretty extraordinary application used especially by music lovers owning computers with the Mac operating system. But it also works pretty well on Windows too. iSkysoft Audio Recorder will fail disappoint you once you start using it. One flaw that iSkysoft Audio Recorder has is that it does not support all streaming stations. Other than that it is an amazing software.

Audio recorderAudio Recorder

This audio recorder is mainly used by Gnome and Ubuntu (Linux) users. It can be used for version 10.10 onwards. Audio recorder very convenient and easy to use. It can trigger the recording function in sync with the Linux media players as well as with Skype.

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