SPAMFighter Pro Review – It is the Best Spam Fighter

After you open an email account one of the biggest problems that we face is that of the millions and trillions of spam mails that we receive. These are a nuisance and often cause us to miss on an important mail in our inbox. And the task of deleting theism manually is a such tedious one that we often just let them be. But we fail to realize that these mails just eat up space in our inbox and make the processing slow. Also, certain important, mails can often get misplaced while because of these spam mails. To beat this and get rid of spam mails, there are various software available in the market. Among one of the top ones is SPAMFighter Pro.

tool box

As its name suggests, SPAMfighter Pro is a powerful tool designed to help you automatically remove unwanted and unwelcome mail from your inbox. It is extremely easy to use and works seamlessly. Not only are the spam mails automatically moved to the required folder, but SPAMfighter Pro also lets you report certain mails and their senders so that the entire spam community can be rid of them.

Easy setupEasy Setup

The setting up of this SPAMfighter Pro is very simple. You do not have to spend long hours configuring the settings and then running it in your computer. All you have to do is download it when and after you receive the URL. SPAMfighter Pro Plug-n-Play installation is of the Plug-n-Play installation type. So you aren’t required to put in a lot of effort. It installs automatically and is ready for use. Also, the customer support helpline of SPAMfighter Pro is on their feet 24 by 7 to aid you whenever necessary via text, emails or even phone calls.

CustomizationCustomization Options

SPAMfighter Pro provides an abundance of customization options which let you choose and decide which mail are supposed to be shifted to the spam box. The language content of the received mails is checked and the sorting is done. Hence if you select a particular language that you would not want to receive messages in, that language can be entirely blocked.  In addition, SPAMfighter Pro sanctions spam abuse reporting, which means that received spam or messages Privacythat are not removed can be reported and removed from the entire SPAMfighter community.

Your e-mail privacy is assured. The software will never look at the content of your e-mail but only the language,


This application can manage huge tasks but is not very reliable. It has come to view that various important mails that might not be spam at all and could be of a lot of value are moved to the spam folder many times. Also, every time you send an email, an ad of SPAMfighter Pro goes with it. This may not be visible to you when you compose your email. This may not be very pleasing to the recipients of your mail. In the pro version, you can disable ads though.

All in all, this app does fight the spam really well but can make certain flaws sometimes. But I would recommend it. I hope this Review was of help to you. Do leave comments in the comment box below.