How to Setup PC Webcam Security System Using WebCam Monitor

With the rising rates in burglaries and robberies it is necessary to have an efficient and fast-working security system for your home. When you are way you also want to keep a watch on your employees Using a surveillance system to keep a watch on your home or your office when you are away is a likely solution. But closed circuit cameras are pricey and so is their maintenance. A PC founded video surveillance system is a competent tool that anybody with a computer and web camera can install.  You can form your personal webcam security system, instead buying it. WebCam Monitor is one of the best tools available in the market for this purpose. You only need your computer, a web camera and this software.



How to Setup PC Webcam Security System Using WebCam Monitor?

WebCam Monitor senses motion.  You can set automatic alerts when motion is spotted on your camera.  The program informs you immediately via email along with a snapshot.  WebCam Monitor can also be set to record a video of the bustle, click photos, or ring an alarm.  If you want to monitor things as they  happen, you can do it from any position with a web browser and an Internet connection.

webcam security system

Setup the Camera with the Help of the Following Steps

  1. The first step is to carry out a proper threat analysis of your properties and identify the ones which are most susceptible or treasured ones. Then take a rapid tour of the grounds and select the entry and exit areas.
  2. Connect a webcam to your PC, and place it so that it can view the points you had identified.  If you aim to monitor your kids or pets over the Internet, then it is a good idea to mount the webcam at a height that covers maximum area in the camera, of the room.
  3. Carry out a few test runs to be sure that the webcam is placed seamlessly.  You can do this by using the WebCam Monitor Preview window.
  4. Start WebCam Monito and select your WebCam in the Add Camera dialog, under the File menu.  When the camera is connected, you can adjust your Webcam’s position till you get the faultless view.

Configuring the WebCam Monitor

Once you are done setting up the camera, you need to start configuring the settings using Quick Access Panel. This panel consists of six of the most well-known and used actions. Now, all you need to do is select one of these and the software is configured. There is a set of pre-defined settings which you can use. But if you require differently, you can customize your own settings. You can also choose to be alerted occasionally or when movement is noticed.  You can also stipulate the kind of alert you want that is via email, with a picture, an alarm or all three of them.

Configuring the WebCam Monitor

Concluding, this is one of the best ways you can set up an efficient and cost-efficient security system. Do give it a try and I hope this guide was of used to you.