How to Retrieve Text Messages from OnePlus Phone

“The smartphone is our most personal device, and we check them for updates hundreds of times every day. The few seconds it takes to input a password add up to hours of wasted time each week,” says OnePlus Inc. The security options on a OnePlus phones are said to be the best a phone can have.  But it is very easy to lose or accidently delete all your messages which are under protection too. If you happen to delete your messages you can use Android Data Recovery, which is an expert in retrieving all sorts data from your android phone. here is how you can retrieve data.

Retrieve Text Messages from OnePlus Phone

Step 1: Connect OnePlus Phone to Computer

One thing that you need to keep in time is that you should stop using your phone as soon as you notice that text messages are missing. After this, connect your OnePlus phone to your computer via the USB cable. Now empower the Enable USB Debugging option on your phone.

Connect OnePlus Phone to Computer

Step 2: Get Android Phone Identified

Not a lot of effort is taken in the steps that follow.  All you have to do now is go to your OnePlus phone and tap on the “OK” button in the pop-up note that has appeared. This will authorize your computer. If you don’t receive the note, click on the “Show Again” button and it will appear. Now your phone has been connected to the computer.

Step 3: Select File Types to Scan

After your phone has been successfully connected to your computer, almost half your work is done because after this the software will take over. In this step, you will have to select the file types you want to retrieve. Tick “Messaging” in the menu. Then click the button “Next”. After that, alternatively choose “Scan for deleted files” or “Scan for all files”. And click the “Next” > “Start”. Please make sure that the battery of your phone is more than 20% throughout the process.

Select File Types to Scan

Step 4: Allow the software to Scan OnePlus Phone

Now, just click on “Allow” on your OnePlus to authorize the software to scan for the lost data in your device.

Allow the software to Scan OnePlus Phone

Step 5: Preview and Retrieve SMS from OnePlus

When scan is completed, click on “Messaging” on the left side. You can preview text messages one by one. Deleted items will be written in red font. Tick the ones you want to retrieve and click the “Recover” button at the lower right corner. Selected dialogues will be export as VCF/CSV/HTML.

Preview and Retrieve SMS from OnePlus

I hope this How to Retrieve Text Messages from OnePlus Phone guideline article was of use to you. Let me know by commenting in the comment box below.