How to Restore Data from Lost Partition of your Computer

A partition is created when a hard drive is formatted. Partitions help enable users to divide a computer hard drive into different drives or different portions for a number of reasons. It can also be created by users if they want to use multiple operating systems on only one computer. A partition is more of a precautionary measure than anything because you can divide your data into these partitions so that loss of data is prevented. As if data is lost it will be lost only from a certain partition.

But if you happen to lose data from a partition you can recover it again using Wondershare Data Recovery software. Here are the steps you can follow to regain your data due to a lost partition.



Steps to Restore Data from Lost Partition

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare Data Recovery

Start by downloading this software on your computer. Then install the software to your computer. The installation process is pretty simple and will not take up much of your time. Make sure that you select the proper version of Wondershare Data Recovery for your computer as there are different versions available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Then launch the software.

wondershare data recovery dashboard

Step 2: Select the Location from Where You Lost your Partition

Now go to that drive from where your files went missing or appear to be damaged. Then click on ‘Next’ to start scanning for your lost partitions. In case you don’t find your files, start scanning the entire computer and you have greater chances of finding he files.scan location

Step 3: Scan the Selected Partition

After you have selected the partition, scan for the missing files. the files that are available for recovery will be displayed.

Step 4: Start Recovering Scanned Files

The results of the scan will be displayed on the screen now. Before you start recovering the files you can also preview them to check for their quality and quantity.

scanned files

Select all the files that you want to recover. And then click on ‘Start’. The time that the process will take will depend entirely on the size of the partition. If it is huge, it will obviously take a lot of time. Also keep in mind that while saving these files, save them in another location so that it cannot be lost again.


Creating partitions is indeed a smart method of protecting your data. But if you happen to lose a partition you can use Wondershare Data Recovery to restore it. I hope you found this ‘How to Restore Lost Partition from your Computer’ tutorial of use. do let me know via comments.