How to Remove DRM Protection from CinemaNow?

DRM protection exists on all your favorite videos from CinemaNow and makes downloading and playing these videos on other devices is impossible. Removing DRM protection is not that easy. But if you have the right tools, it can be done in a matter of minutes. To remove DRM protection from your favorite CinemaNow videos, you can make use of Aimersoft Video Converter. With this software you can remove the DRM protection from videos with the slightest of ease.

Step 1: Install and Launch the program


The first thing that you need to do is download Aimersoft Video Converter. You can do this by clicking on the download button on this page. After you have done this, install the program on your computer.  The installation won’t take a lot of time. Just a few minutes.


Play a DRM-protected CinemaNow video

This is where the actual process of removing the DRM protection will start. What you have to do is click on the small video icon on your screen and a notice similar to one in the following picture will appear. It will ask permission for making some changes to the computer. Click on OK. As it has said, some setting changes will be made to your computer. After you have clicked on OK, another notice will appear. This is when you will have to play your video. Play your DRM protected video. You will have options of two recording modes, “Select recording area” and “Auto record”. Make sure that the video is playing smoothly without any kind of buffering so that the final video has none of it either.

Start to remove DRM protection from CinemaNow videos.


After you have played the CinemaNow video, you can click “Select recording area” and a rectangle frame for selecting recording area manually will be displayed. If you do not want to do it manually, click on “Auto record” and this app will automatically detect the playing video and start recording. After recording is done, you will have a DRM-free CinemaNow video listed on the left pane of the program.

If the DRM-free CinemaNow video you that you have recorded, comprises of undesired segments due to video buffering or any kind of advertisement or anything, you can split the video into several parts and then merge the wanted ones into one file in order with the help of this application.

I hope this ‘How to Remove DRM Protection from CinemaNow’ guideline was of help to you. Do let me know about any kinds of queries in the comment box below.