How to Recover Deleted Photos from Your Computer

Pictures have become a very important part of our lives nowadays. They are memories of a time we once had and will not be having in the future again. They are the only way via which we have learned to capture time. In case you lose these pictures, you would want to recover them by hook or by crook. Wondershare Photo Recovery is one application which can help you with this. Here is how to use Wondershare Photo Recovery for recovering your lost pictures.



Recover Deleted Photos from Your Computer

Wondershare Photo Recovery is extremely easy to use and works pretty fast. Also all the instructions that you are required to follow appear on the screen in a comprehensive manner which makes using it worthwhile and simple. The following is a guide to recovering your pictures successfully with the Wondershare Photo Recovery software.


Step 1. Select a Partition or Drive where your Lost Data Located

  • After you have successfully installed the Wondershare Photo Recovery software you open it. A list of places from where you can recover your lost pictures is presented to you.
  • It could be your digital camera from where you have accidently deleted your pictures from, or your device memory card. It could even be a USB device or your internal hard drive. Recovering of photos is possible from all these places.
  • After you have selected the location from where you would like to recover your pictures from, all you have to do is click on scan, for the files to start scanning.


The time taken for scanning will differ from device to device and will depend on the mode of recovery that has been selected. The scanning can also be stopped mid-process but it is advisable to let the scan complete. The results from the last time you scanned can also be viewed again and are availbe for recovery.


Step 2. Find out the Files you Need

Once the scanning is done, you have to select the data that you wish to recover. After you are done selecting, click on Recover and proceed to select the destination at which you would want the recovered photos to be saved. It is also possible to preview the images before recovering them.


The results of the scan will be listed in accordance to the file formats that they are in. Also, the sorting of files according to size, name, date of creation and modification can also be done.

Step 3. Select a Destination to Save the Recoverable Data

Now you will be required to enter a destination at which you want the photos at. It is very much suggested you choose another directory, a one which is different from the source one, in case it eventually overwrites the source data.


I hope this how-to guide on Recover Deleted Photos from Your Computer was of help to you.