Photo Backup Review – Software for Professional Photographers

photo_backupSo many of us are budding to be photographers nowadays, that too professionally. Even if you aren’t, isn’t it pretty much of a habit nowadays to click pictures of whatever you see and whoever you are with? It is sort of an addiction nowadays to click pictures. If you are a professional photographer, then pictures are pretty much your life and a source of income for you. Imagine, you have to submit a set of pictures to your client and in just a few clicks you lose all your pictures. What an extreme situation! At such times a photo recovery software would be a savior, wouldn’t it?

Photo Backup Review

Photo back up is an excellent application, especially for those who want to have multiple copies of images at multiple locations. It works with any kind of device and a computer having operating systems like Windows and mac.

Fits Your Work FlowFits Your Work Flow

OnTheGoSoft’s Photo Backup is easy to use and fits with your work flow. It automatically locates your pictures and creates backups of them if you have settings conducive to it. What is amazing is that it creates the backups of photos with the same folder structure and file type that you are used to using. If you want a different type, you can make those changes too. The wizard that takes you through the process of backing up your photos is highly comprehensive and can be understood quickly.

Automated Archive

Every activity on this application is completely automated. The pictures that you wish to back up can be restored to the original or any alternate location that you choose. It has a robust scheduler that has everything up to date. It also has a HTML graphical index generator. The backup can be done in just one click along with disc spanning.

Search and Retrieve Pictures and Organize them

searchWith OnTheGoSoft’s Photo Backup you can carry out a search for any picture throughout the entire archive. Easy retrieval from the archive which is completely automated is also possible. Also you can create unlimited number of virtual albums on OnTheGoSoft’s Photo Backup. Arrange and browse your folders according to system folders and dates and albums.

 Supports all Image Types

OnTheGoSoft’s Photo Backup supports all type of picture types. It also supports all compressed image types. It also supports all RAW image types like NEF, CRW, RAF, MRW, ORF, DCR, etc. You can also convert all your images to many popular formats like GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG.

CD and DVD Burning

You can quickly burn more than thousands of files and turn them to DVDs and CDs. It provides full support to all kinds of media types. It supports all kinds of non-English folder and file names.

All in all, this application is a crucial one for photographers to whom this is more of a profession that a passion. Also, OnTheGoSoft’s Photo Backup has an outstanding customer support system that is on their toes to help you. I would recommend you to give it a try and let me know via comments.