My Screen Recorder Pro Review – Best Video Screen Capture Software

My Screen Recorder Pro When you are an educator or someone who makes how-to videos, you are desperate for a screen recording software that is easy to use and reliable. One quality hat you always look for is, whether or not it has a user-friendly interface. In the abundance of options available in the market it is difficult to narrow down to one. But I have a software for you that is not only reliable but also extremely easy to use- My Screen Recorder Pro.

My Screen Recorder Pro Review

My Screen Recorder Pro is an expert video screen capture software that allows you to capture your PC screen activity to many widespread video formats.  Any application that runs on your Windows PC can be recorded including the audio.  With a PC microphone, you can add your own audio description as you show how to use a web site or expound a product theory.

Screen Capture

ScreenCapture-FeatureWith My Screen Recorder Pro you can capture any part of the screen. This comes in handy when you are making how-to-do videos. After recording whatever you want to you can convert it to any format from WMV, EXE, AVI, MP4 or Flash formats. You have an option of capturing whatever part of the screen that you wish to. Be it a single corner or an application window or the entire screen. One option that is unseen in other such applications is that it allows you to create time-lapsed screen casting. Even if you have a multi-monitor system, you can record from any monitor of your choice and switch monitors too, in the middle of recording. The audio quality, compressors, etc. can be customized.

Visual Effects

VisualEffects-FeatureMany a times when you are making videos, it is necessary to highlight the movements of the mouse so that the viewers can easily follow it and comprehend it with additional ease. Doodling on the screen is also possible with My Screen Recorder Pro, you can draw on the screen with the different colors that are given available and make the videos more attractive. Not only can you add your watermark, but also add stamps of system times and texts as captions.

Automated Recording and Excellent Editing Tools

Automation-FeatureWith My Screen Recorder Pro you are enabled to set a specific time at which you want the recording to start an also end. This reduces the chances of extra recording or mistakes and also the fallacies that come with manual work.  You can also automatically unveil and record a certain URL at a precise time to make it easier for the viewers. This application contains a Split tool that lets you cut the portions that you need and save them. Also, with it you can join multiple such cut portions.

Publish and Distribute with Ease

PublishAndDistribute-FeatureAfter your video is made and edited and ready for publishing, My Screen Recorder Pro makes your work even easier and you can auto-publish your videos on any FTP accounts like YouTube, etc. later, you can also create HTML pages which contain screen recordings, for your websites. For security purposes, you can convert your recording to a video executable with a password for enhanced protection.

Concluding, My Screen Recorder Pro is a gem when it comes to screen recording and can be undoubtedly relied on. I recommend you to give it a try. If you already have, please share your experience in the comment box below. Do let me know if you found this My Screen Recorder Pro Review of use.