mSpy Review – Best Mobile Spy Software

There are several reasons why you would want to install spyware on someone else’s phone. If you think that your children may be exposing themselves to risk, you can install spyware on their cell phone to track their calls, messages, emails and even GPS location. You may also be thinking of keeping tabs on a wandering spouse; you may even need to monitor the movements of your sales team. Basically, there are reasons, both ethical and unethical, that would drive you to installing such tools.

mSpy Review – Best Mobile Spy Software

How Does mSpy Work?

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mSpy is one of the leading cell phone monitoring tools; it is simply installed to the target device, and you can monitor the device from your mSpy account. With mSpy, you have access to the IM messengers, GPS locations, Call History, Emails, Browsing History, Text Messages and a lot more.

mSpy runs silently in the background and the user will not even know that it is there. Every action that the user does is recorded and sent to an mSpy account. As the person monitoring the phone, you can access the mSpy account from a computer or mobile device.

mSpy Compatibility and Installation

mSpy works on all mobile devices, whether Android or iOS; it takes only a few minutes to install the tool and you must have access to the device that you want to monitor. This means asking the target for the phone, for a few minutes, and then looking for mSpy and downloading it. Install it once the download is complete and give the device back to the owner.  Now you can monitor your employees, children, and even that wavering spouse.

When mSpy is installed on the device, you need to access their website and login to your dashboard so you can monitor the device.

Features of mSpy

Over the years, cell phone spying tools have come very far. A short while ago, all you could do was monitor text messages and have copies sent to another cell phone. Today, you can do a lot more with these tools. Here are some of the features of mSpy

GPS Tracking

  • From your mSpy account, you will be able to see where the targeted phone is, at any time. This provides a good record of the movements of the target user, whether a child, employee or spouse, etc.

Call Tracking

  • You get an accurate account of all incoming and outgoing calls. You cannot listen to the conversation, but you get caller ID, date of call, duration and time.
  • You can also decide to restrict calls from certain numbers. If you believe that a certain caller is a risk to your child, you can block those calls right from your mSpy account.

Online Tracking

  • Now you can read all incoming and outgoing emails on the tracked phone. You can only do so on Gmail for both Android and iOS and the Mail app for iOS.
  • You can also follow their trail on the Internet, by viewing all the URLs that they visit. This way, you can block any URLs which you believe lead to harmful online content, such as pornography (when monitoring a minor).
  • One of the main ways of communication on mobile devices is through instant messaging services such as FaceBook Messenger, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Skype, LINE, Viber and many more. Now you can monitor the chats on the target device.
  • You can also monitor the text messages that come in through the default SMS application on the device.

Other Tracking Features

  • You can see the keystrokes on a target phone. This is a feature that only works on Android devices.
  • You can block apps that you think may be harmful, especially if you are tracking a child.
  • You can also view the entries in the calendar and address book of the target device.
  • You get access to the photos and videos that they take using their devices. If you think the photos and videos are not good for a child, then you can confront them about why they have recorded such images and videos.
  • You can also geo-fence the device. If the device goes out of a certain radius, then you will be notified in your account. This is great when you do not want your children to go too far from home.
  • You can also lock the device from a remote location, or entirely wipe the content that you do not like.
  • With mSpy, you can change the devices without buying extra licenses. This means that you can track one device, then change to track another, but you cannot track both at the same time, without a new license for the second device
  • mSpy is completely undetectable. There are no icons to show that the app has been installed. The only people who may know are advanced phone users, and you do not expect your 12-year-old to know how to access developer tools on a mobile device.

A Few Notes About mSpy

The first thing that you have to do is ensure that the program will work on your mobile device. The tool works for newer Android and iOS versions. If you simply install without checking the version compatibility, you may have problems loading the program.

There is a free version and a premium one; it is best to try the free version before upgrading to the premium one. Once you kick the tires on this tool, you will see that it is a great asset to you.

Although mSpy is famous for monitoring mobile devices, you can also install a computer version so you can monitor your child’s online activities on a laptop or home computer. Remember that threats not only come through mobile devices, but also through laptops and PCs.

You will get 24 hours customer support in case you need help with the tool. For premium users, mSpy can be paid for using the major credit cards, bank wire transfer and PayPal. You do not have to worry about mSpy being shown on your bill or statement. The only entry will be the data used during all your monitoring sessions.

In Conclusion

When it comes to mobile spy software, mSpy has proven itself to be a leader. This tool allows you to monitor also most every function on the target device. This means monitoring apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage and a lot more. When you are a parent and feel that your unruly teenager is involved with the wrong crowd, you can now see what is going on, and be better prepared to deal with it. You can confront the teenager with irrefutable proof and see how to best solve the situation. Basically, you have a tool that allows you to monitor every aspect of phone use, by the target; you also get to follow their movements via GPS and even know when they are out of a certain radius.

Some people may frown upon the ethics of using spyware on a mobile phone, but those parents who have lost children to kidnappers and other predators will say that they wish they had such a tool. Employers who pay sales people for not making any rounds to prospective customers can now see where these errant employees spend their days.

This is a tool that increases security, improves productivity, especially for businesses, and lets all those involved to have some peace of mind, knowing that they can monitor the communications on the target mobile device.