iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac Review

iskysoft phone transferData can be a huge concern when you want to change or upgrade your phone. If you happen to misplace your phone, losing your data along it is a disaster. Read on iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac Review to know about a useful tool. This  was designed to address your data transfer needs across the platforms you use!

iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac Review

iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac is a transfer, backup and data erasing software that lets you safely move data to and from your Mac. Without further ado, let’s get to the ways in which it can help you.

Top Features of iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Transfer Data Between Your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry

This is a highly user-friendly tool that lets you move files between your iPhone, Android phone and BlackBerry on your Mac. The best part? All it takes is just one click.

You can use the transfer feature to:

  • Move your contacts with their other information, camera rolls, photo streams, photo albums, apps, call log, messages, calendar, photos, videos, songs and complete playlists to your Mac.
  • Move your music, photos, contacts, SMSs, videos and other such files from your iTunes library to your Apple and Android devices.

This software supports iOS 9, iOS 8.3 and Android 5.0 Lollipop, which means it can transfer data to a wide range of devices including iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and all Android phones including Samsung Galaxy.

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Transfer Contacts, Music, Photos and Videos to and from Your Windows Phone

iSkysoft Phone Transfer lets you do all these things with the click of a button:

  • Move your contacts, music, photos and videos from your Windows phone to any iOs, Android or other device
  • Move your videos, photos and music from any device Android, iOs and other such device to your Windows phone
  • Back up your contacts, music, photos, and videos and other such data from your Windows Phone
  • Restore your OneDrive contacts to your Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry phone
  • Restore your music, photos and videos from iCloud, iTunes, and BlackBerry backup to your Windows Phone

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Backup Your Phone to Your Mac and Restore it Without Quality Loss

This software lets you:

  • Backup your phone contacts, SMSs, photos, music and much more.
  • Back up data from your BlackBerry Desktop Suit for Mac.
  • Backup all the music, photos, videos, contacts and messages from your phone to iTunes or iCloud.

Again, all it takes is just the click of a button! You are assured of 100% safety while you backup your phone on your Mac – everything in your phone is completely intact.


Permanently Erase All Your Phone Data

If there ever comes a time when you’re giving your phone away or selling it, it’s important for you to erase all your data from it. The problem with doing it through a factory reset is that it doesn’t delete all the data completely. The best option is through a safe and convenient phone-to-phone transfer on your Mac using iSkysoft Phone Transfer, where you can permanently delete all the data from your phone, including the previously deleted data still present in your phone.


Summing it Up

You can always be confident about having your data in place because of this program’s option to back it up from your phones and tablets to your Mac. This process is 100% safe. At any point of time, you can restore and retrieve your data. Transferring your files across your devices using your Mac is a child’s play with iSkysoft Phone Transfer. With the option to do it all in just one click, managing your data has never been this easy!