iSkysoft iMusic Review – Transfer and Manage Music

You enjoy your music collections to the fullest and invest time in discovering more. You’ve stacked up loads of music in your mobile phone, laptop and music devices. But sometimes, syncing, fixing and managing it all can be a pain; especially when you have a separate application for each function. What if you found one software that lets you manage all your music across all your devices?

iSkysoft iMusic Review

iskysoft imusic interfaceAn all-in-one music manager, iSkysoft iMusic is loaded with the tools you need to carry out an array of functions such as downloading, discovering, transferring between computers and devices, fixing, rebuilding, removing duplicate tracks and even recording. You can access versions for Mac as well as Windows PC. If you use the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11, El Capitan, this software is perfectly compatible with your system.



With iSkysoft iMusic, You Can:

Download Directly from a Multitude of Sites

Downloading with iSkysoft iMusic is as simple as this: Browse through over 3000 sites like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Choose any song that piques your interest. The software will download it directly and save it to your iTunes Library.

Record Any Song You Like

Do you often tune in to your favourite radio station and come across a song you absolutely fall in love with, but can’t find a way to get? With iSkysoft iMusic’s record feature, not any more. All you have to do is hit the “record” button as soon as you decide you want a song, and there you have it! That’s not all – the software will even store the song’s title, artist, genre and year.

Transfer Across Devices

Say hello to free-flow of music with just one click.

  • For Android Phones: iSkysoft iMusic is an excellent link between your Android phone and iTunes Library. You can use it to sync your music files and transfer your playlists from the library to your phone, and backup the music from your phone to the library.
  • For Apple Devices: You can transfer playlists, podcasts, TV shows and much more between your iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes Library without bearing the risk of having your files erased from your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Simply drag and drop files from your Mac, PC or iTunes Library to your iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you’ve just bought a new computer, you can use iSkysoft iMusic to backup all your music from your iPhone, iPad and iPod to your Mac or PC.

Rebuild Your Music Library

If you happen to lose your iTunes Library, iSkysoft iMusic relieves you of the tiresome process of rebuilding your library by manually transferring music from your devices and external hard drives to your computer. Or in case you’ve lost it because you bought a new computer, manually transferring your original iTunes Library to the new computer. iSkysoft iMusic lets you rebuild your entire library with just a few steps – Connect your device to your computer and recover all the music you want.

Mend Your Music Library

iSkysoft iMusic doesn’t stop at discovering, downloading and transferring; it helps you with repairs too! You can use it to correct mislabeled songs, get rid of duplication, add missing album covers as well as remove broken and dead tracks from your iTunes Library.

In a Nutshell

As far as music and gadgets are concerned, you want to take control and a have smooth, seamless experience. Well, that’s exactly what iSkysoft iMusic was designed for – making discovering, collecting, listening to, syncing, transferring, fixing, storing and managing music an utterly joyful activity!