Free Keylogger Review – Track Children Actions Online

free keyloggerTired of anticipating and guessing and fathoming and predicting the use of your child’s computer? When you have a child who is entering those very crucial years of his life where he takes one erroneous step and everything that he has worked for could go down the drain, you want to make sure he is in good company and doing what he should and not anything other than that.

At such times you yearn for such a creation that could help you monitor each and every one of his activity on the internet. Fret not because your wish just came true. Iwantsoft has created this amazing application known as Free Keylogger.

Free Keylogger Review

Free Keylogger is imperceptible spy keystroke logger.  It is intended for concealed surveillance and PC activity monitoring. With this program you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track and map their Internet usage. The beauty of this software is that it keeps a check on each and every character typed on the device.

full invisiblity key logger reviewCompletely Invisible

Free Keylogger has this feature of being completely invisible. There is presence of a hot key and only after pressing it can you make this application visible on the device. So, only those who have access to the hot key can know that it is keeping a record of each and every activity.

internet monitoring reviewMagnificent Tools

Free Keylogger’s user interface is small but filled with controls and features like a built-in calendar for quick reports, Startup and Invisibility settings, and Used Tools, which contains check boxes for selecting keystroke logging, clipboard scans, and Web navigation monitoring.

unmatched simplicity keylogger

Spot on Reports

Free Keylogger has the ability to keep a record of the activities that have been carried out on the computer. And what is amazing is that it can generate accurate reports on data from any date and save them to your hard drive for viewing later.

Free of Cost

free of cost reviewThis application, as its name suggests, is absolutely free of cost and provides services accordingly. This is one of the most amazing and desired feature of this application.

This application may not be as good as other spyware available in the market, but for a price of zero, it is pretty good. I hope this review helped you, if so please comment below and let me know.