FlexiSPY vs StealthGenie Android | Which is best for Spying on Facebook?

A lot many options are available nowadays if you wish to spy on Instant Messages sent or received by someone. From the ones that are steadily coming up in the Spyware market to those that have a prevalent existence, there are so many. Once you make up your mind to spy on someone’s messages, you will have to select just one software that will work just fine and fulfill all your expectations. After all these are just software and may malfunction sometimes. In the following article, I will give you a detailed comparison between two of the most well-known spyware in the market: FlexiSPY vs StealthGenie. This article is mainly concentrated on these applications and their ability to spy on messages that are received on Facebook. We shall also deliberate “rich content” and what types of shared multimedia are captured by each product.

In this day and age, most of our conversations are backed by media and stickers and audio files and so much more. To have a complete idea of what is happening in the conversation, whether or not the audio received on Facebook of the target phone is objectionable or just an innocent message, it is necessary to get access to these files too.

What StealthGenie Says About Facebook Capturing?

stealthgenie dashboard

StealthGenie is said to make claims of capturing all the data in a Facebook chat including the pictures, videos, audio files, stickers, emoji and a lot more. But they make a rather controversial statement. They say that “Get access to any photos, videos or audio files sent through Facebook chat and saved on the target phone.” Now, what comes to your mind when you read this statement? One feels that all the chat data will be saved to the web account for you to view. But this is not the case. This is just word play. What StealthGenie actually means to say is that you will only see the data, especially media files, that were opened and then manually saved on the target device.

What We Really Get to See?

This is what is really important. It is not just important to know what the company claims and states about its products, what is important is that what the software actually does in the battlefield. The media content from all of the IMs is saved to a particular log. But when it comes to Facebook media, it does not appear in this log. This is weird because it works just fine with other IMs like Skype and WhatsApp. The logs from Facebook are found without context in some other log file without having any information by which it can be matched to the conversations. There’s no way to try to match one of these files to any part of an IM capture log, and they won’t show up at all if the shared media wasn’t first opened and later also saved by hand by the user.

Some media files won’t show up at all, in any of the logs while others may be represented by random incomprehensible text. In any case this information is rendered useless to you as it is because you can’t really match it. And of most importance is the case where StealthGenie might fail to capture even text logs. Yes, you heard me right. All in all, it proved incapable of capturing Facebook data.

What is Rich Media and Why is it Important?

Popular IMs like Facebook let users send a variety of content and shared media such as stickers, emoticons, audio, pictures, video clips and location data. This is what is referred to as rich content.

flexispy facebookHere are the eight pieces of chat information you can send via Facebook:

  • Contact name
  • Contact picture
  • Text
  • Images
  • Emoticons
  • Shared audio
  • Stickers
  • Location (place name only)

As stated earlier, most of the people make use of stickers, emoji, audio files, pictures, videos and other media types to communicate with others. Getting access to these is equally important. For example, if the target says that they want the other person to get that for them and then they send a picture. Now, for you to know what they want, you need to get access to that picture. It is as simple as this. And this is a very simple example. But what it the target receives a location address that they are supposed to go to? You need to have access to it, right, to know where they will be heading to? This I why you need an able software that can monitor every single piece of content.

Final Verdict on StealthGenie

Okay, so in a very honest opinion, StealthGenie did not work well for me, especially with Facebook logs. It worked better with WhatsApp and IMs other than Facebook.

Let us now have a look at how FlexiSPY works.

How does FlexiSPY Capture Facebook?

flexispy dashboard

The working of FlexiSPY was much better in comparison to StealthGenie, let’s just all agree to that. I will show you how.  When you open the application, a well-organized dashboard comes into view. To the left of its pane you will see a list of all the various arenas from which it has collected the data. This includes options like pictures, videos, messaging, call logs, IMs, etc. You can select the desired log. Also, on top of this panel you will see a box that will notify you about any new event that has taken place meaning anything new that has been captured.

When you select the Facebook logs, this is what you will come across. The FlexiSPY dashboard showed all chat and media elements that were shared in our conversations. The logs are laid out in the familiar and readable style of alternating contacts on each side of the screen, the similar manner chats are exhibited in the Facebook app itself.

And in context with the rich content, there were eight kinds of it. FlexiSPY captured six of the eight thinkable Facebook chat and media types. This includes everything from text conversations, contact name and profile picture, shared photos, to audio and stickers.

FlexiSPY vs StealthGenie – The Facebook Bottom Line

I will be stating the obvious when I say that FlexiSPY is a more reliable option than StealthGenie because StealthGenie does not really offer any kind of competition to FlexiSPY as it did not really capture any logs at all. And the ones that were captured, were haphazard and incomplete. So, in my opinion FlexiSPY wins the battle and the war.

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I hope this detailed and explanatory “FlexiSPY vs. StealthGenie Android-Which is best for Spying on Facebook?” comparison article will help you to pick the software that suits your demands. If you have any kind of queries or comments, do let me know in the comment box below.