FlexiSPY vs. MSpy iPhone | Which is best for Spying on Skype?

In 2003, Skype was launched and with it, a video calling revolution swept the world. Today Skype is proudly claiming 300 million users all over the world. That is a huge number! Now if you want to spy on the doings and activities of someone, you would probably want to spy on what they do on Skype because a lot many people use it for primary communication. Various spying software are ruling the market, but which is the best one? In this article I will give you a detailed comparison between two of the top spying software in the market today: FlexiSPY and MSpy. This article compares FlexiSPY and MSpy’s performance when monitoring Skype chats from your iPhone target phone.

All these users communicate and even sync history between Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Blackberry, iPhone iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. Skype doesn’t leave anyone out. Aside from offering standard IM communication plus free voice and video calls, easy access between all platforms has helped to keep Skype very prevalent. There’s a good chance that your target uses Skype, and if that is the case, you will in all probability want to monitor it.



Skype Options on iPhone

Skype for iPhone offers standard IM text chat plus photo and video clip sharing, emoticons and Internet based phone and video calls.

Here are the 7 basic pieces of information you can send via Skype for iPhone:
• Contact Name
• Contact Photo
• Text Chat
• Photos
• Video Clips
• Emoticons
• Internet Voice & Video Calls

Now if a software can record data that has been sent in any of the above formats, then and only then is it of any use. Otherwise the data that you will get will be incomplete and won’t give you the entire context of the conversation.

Is shared content really of so importance?

The question at hand is ‘What exactly is this shared content referring to?’ Shared content is anything and everything that has been shared in a conversation. It basically is the list of seven elements that has been mentioned before.  Contact Name, Contact Photo, Text Chat, Photos, Video Clips, Emoticons, Internet Voice & Video Calls. These are the elements of shared content on skype. Sharing pictures and other content provides a sprightlier conversation and a way to discourse, design, share and respond to things that words alone cannot convey. Such rich or shared content communicates even more than words, without making actual use of words.

As stated earlier, most of the people make use of emoticons, audio files, pictures, videos and other media types to connect with others. Getting access to these is equally important. For example, if the target says that they want the other person to get that for them and then they send a picture. Now, for you to know what they want, you need to get access to that picture. It is as simple as this. But what if the target receives a location address that they are supposed to report to? You need to have access to it, right, to know where they will be heading to? This I why you need an able software that can monitor every single piece of content in the conversation.

How does MSpy capture Skype?

Claims and statements are made by every company that is trying to sell their product. But the real question is if they truly provide all the services they mention and boast about? And if they do, are these up to the mark? MSpy claims to “Track Skype calls” and “Read Skype chats,” but does not provide any information on exactly what is captured in these logs. There is absolutely no mention of the actual phone calls, video conversations or any shared content.

MSpy captured the Skype Name only, no profile photos or any shared media between contacts, and only a small percentage of the actual text was arbitrarily captured. You can’t really make out what has happened in the chat as you cannot hear the video calls, let alone see them. The texts messages that are exchanged on Skype are also not recorded properly.

Final verdict– All in all, MSpy did not really prove to be very reliable when it came to spying on Skype.

Let us now take a look at how FlexiSPY works.

How does FlexiSPY capture Skype?

After we have seen how MSpy works, it is now important to judge FlexiSPY on the same parameters. Out of the seven rich media files, FlexiSPY can reliably capture six of them. The small graphical emoticons cannot be captured by FlexiSPY. While FlexiSPY does not actually record the Skype calls, it sure does capture the Skype call logs. something is better than nothing, right? Skype chat logs are laid out in the appropriate style of alternating text on each side of the screen so that you can easily follow the conversation. All the pictures, videos, locations, etc are captured by FlexiSPY.

Also, you can know who the target is communicating with as, each contact name and profile picture is also captured. FlexiSPY also allows you to tag important chats by placing a small star beside them, and these logs are completely searchable. So you have quick access to all the important chats.

Final verdict- FlexiSPY does seem promising and is reputed to live up to the expectations of the user. All in all, it seems like the better option of the two.

FlexiSPY vs MSpy – Who Captures More Skype?

Okay, after having judged both of these applications on the same parameters, the result is out in the open for you to see. FlexiSPY successfully completed the task assigned to it and MSpy lacked at it. If you want complete details about what is happening in a chat, you should look nowhere else and purchase FlexiSPY. I hope this detailed and explanatory ‘FlexiSPY vs. MSpy iPhone – Which is best for Spying on Skype?’ comparison article will help you to select the software that suits your demands. If you have any kind of queries or comments, do let me know in the comment box below. I will be happy to help.