FlexiSPY Review- The Best Spying Software

The world is not a safe place anymore and it is not wrong to want to protect your child from all the dangers in the world that they are oblivious to. If you are parents to a teenage child, then there is a constant worry of the safety of your child on your mind.  Also, mobile phones trend to become their best friends and are the only clue to all the places they have been at or will be at in the near future.

If you think that your child is keeping something from you and you think that it is dangerous to them then you should gain access to their phone without them knowing. To do this you can make use of spying software that are available in the market. One such very reliable software is FlexiSPY.

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When it comes to advanced monitoring, FlexiSPY has features other spy phone software providers don’t offer. FlexiSPY is one step ahead that any other brand when it comes to call intercepting call recording, and recording ambient noise through the phone’s built-in microphone. FlexiSPY to you these and many more features. Along with the basic features of spying on messages, emails, pictures, calendars, videos and applications, FlexiSPY also gives you access to these rare features.


FlexiSPY Review – Best Mobile Phone Spying Software

Call Interception

With FlexiSPY not only can you perform the basic monitoring features but also some other advanced ones. You can listen in on any call that is received or made by your target device. When the target device receives any call, a message is sent to your phone and then you can discreetly enter the conversation without either of the parties knowing of it.

Call Recording

Along with the call interception feature, there is another feature which is of great help. The feature of call recording is one that not many spying software offer. But such is not the case with FlexiSPY. Its call recording facility is nearly impeccable. If you are not available to listen in on some calls, then all you have to do is change the settings and set them such that all the calls will be recorded for your perusal.

Advanced Location Tracking

The real time location of the device can be known at any time with the help of FlexiSPY. Not only this you can also know the places at which the phone has been over a period of time. There is an Alert System with which you can set geo-boundaries and once the phone crosses them, you will receive a message.

Phone Compatibility

When you decide to invest money into such a software, it is of importance that you make sure that the device that you wish to spy on (the target device), is compatible with the software, or else the entire endeavor is rendered useless. With the latest update that has come out for FlexiSPY, you can spy on the following versions of the most widely used operating systems:

  • Android   from version 2.3 up to 5.1.1 (“Lollipop”)
  • iPhone / iPad   up to version 9.0.2
  • BlackBerry   up to version 7.1.
  • Nokia Symbian – with limited features.

In conclusion, this is an excellent software available for spying. I would recommend you to give it a try. I hope this FlexiSPY Review was of help to you. Do let me know via comments.