Deskshare Webcam Monitor Review – Turn Webcam to Surveillance System

webcam monitorNowadays with the rise in crime rates everyone wishes for a security system to be able to monitor activities in your absence. Also, sometimes you want a keep a watch on your employees when you aren’t in office. Sometimes you might need to keep a watch on your kids at home too. At such times you want an able and efficient surveillance system that can record every move for you to view.

Most of these high end systems are very pricey and hence become unaffordable. I have a surveillance system for you that is very easy to set up and gives amazing results at a low price- Deskshare Webcam Monitor Review.

Deskshare Webcam Monitor Review

With Deskshare Webcam Monitor you can convert your monitor into a very effective surveillance system with slightest ease. It’s as easy as linking a camera to your computer.  By means of the configuration wizard, your surveillance system can be ready and operating in minutes. Your surveillance system is on watch 24 hours a day or you can use the authoritative built-in Scheduler to trigger and disable monitoring on a daily, weekly, or custom timetable.

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Top Features of Deskshare Webcam Monitor Software

Video Security

video securityDeskshare Webcam Monitor provides you with an overabundance of services. It assists you to monitor and control up to four Webcams. That is so much at such a low price. It is compatible with almost all the webcams available and also detects them automatically when they are connected to the computer. So it will hardly be a problem for you to use it with the camera you own right now. You can customize the area of coverage that you wish to monitor. Tilting, panning, and zooming of coverage areas is also possible. Deskshare Webcam Monitor can also operate in the hidden mode so that people don’t know if you are surveilling them.

Video Recording

video recordingThe recording options are fantastic too. Continuous video recording is possible. Also you can set a particular time at which you wish for the recording to start. One very impressive feature is that it automatically starts to records if an alarm is triggered. To make it more organized for you to look at your recording, you can add time, date and watermarks to your recording. Also, the recordings can be automatically uploaded to your FTP account.

Configure Actions on Motion DetectionConfigure Actions on Motion Detection

With Deskshare Webcam Monitor you manually set up times for when and how you wish for the recording to happen, photos
to be clicked, emails to be sent, etc. The cameras can be made to sense motion and accordingly record. You can also eliminate and cover unwanted areas to avoid raising false alarms.

Review and AnalyzeReview and Analyze

After the recording is done you can view and analyze the events by date and time. There is a message bar that shows you the status of all the cameras that you have employed. The old media files that have been recorded can be set to be deleted to free the disk space on your computer.

All in all, this software is the best buy if you are looking for efficiency at a low price. Do give it a try and comment about your experience below. I hope this Deskshare Webcam Monitor Review was beneficial for you. If you find this review useful then do share it with your friends online.