Deskshare Text Speaker Review – Convert Text to MP3 Format

text speakerIt gets tedious to carry big big books and stacks of documents when you are travelling. Also, they are very difficult to maintain. And sometimes all the data that these books contain is so important that you absolutely cannot leave them behind. What if you could have audio recordings of all this data on your phone? Intrigued much? Many a times when we are on the go we wish to have audio recordings of all the material in that we have in the text format. Manually, recording such a lot of data is next to impossible. Certain applications are available in the market to help you out with this. One such software   is Deskshare Text Speaker.

Deskshare Text Speaker Review

Deskshare Text Speaker can turn any text file into audio with normal sounding vocal sounds.  This text reading software can read your documents aloud in a clear, human-sounding voice and you can transform them into MP3 records for listening anyplace.

Text to Speech

TextToSpeechWith Deskshare Text Speaker you can listen to any text in the form of perfectly natural human-sounding voices. This allows you to proof read your documents so that nothing is wrong. When you listen to an audio file of your document you can easily pick out the mistyped words or errors. This will give your work more of a professional touch.  Also, if you are a student, this software is just what you need. You can listen to your study books at anyplace and by listening to books, you are said to recall them better.

High Quality Voices

HighQyalityVoices-FeatureOne feature that makes this software a class apart is the abundance of language options it offers. This gives you a chance to listen to the text in your native language. The language options ot offers are German, Spanish, Romanian, French and Polish. Also, you have an option of selecting the voice you would want your audio clip to be in. Deskshare Text Speaker offers a wide range of professional sounding voices. You can increase the level of interaction in your audio clips by adding multiple voices in a solitary document.

Word Processing Features

WordProcessing-FeatureWith Deskshare Text Speaker you can revise your text with the built-in processing features that it provides to you. You are also enabled to add bookmarks to the audio files just like you would do to a text file. You can also open and read RTF, HTML, Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), TXT and PDF files.

Advanced Features

Advanced-FeatureOnce you record the files you can very easily make appropriate changes in the files. Adjusting the pitch of voice, the reading speed and the volume of voice is effortlessly done. Also you can add desirable background music to your audio files for a pleasant listening experience.  Reminders and alarms can also be added wherever necessary.

Concluding, this software is an absolute marvel and makes work a lot easier and less tedious. The audio files have clarity and no disturbance. I would recommend you to get it. Do share your experience in the comment box below and let me know if you found this Deskshare Text Speaker Review beneficial.