Deskshare Dictation Pro Review – Best Speech a Recognition Software

dictator proTyping out pages and pages of data can be very arduous and also time-consuming. What if you could dictate all this data to your computer and it automatically types it for you? Wouldn’t that be extremely delightful? Certain software are available in the market that can detect your voice and type out all that you are saying. Such software are of so much use especially when you are on the go and unable to type. Such software have also proved to be a blessing to the less fortunate who cannot type but can speak. One such software is Deskshare Dictation Pro.

Deskshare Dictation Pro Review

Deskshare Dictation Pro is a speech-to-text converter which is extremely fast and fun to work with. The speed of typing will match the speed of your speech. All you need is a good quality microphone and you are good to go. What has enthralled all the users is that it is 100% accurate.

Saves Time

With Deskshare Dictation Pro you are enabled to type all the that you want at a ten times faster rate. You can type all the text with minimum amount of mouse clicks and keystrokes. When you start using this software you will realize the immense amount of difference in time that you would need previously and start to wonder how you managed without Deskshare Dictation Pro.

high quality voicesVoice Recognition Accuracy

Every person has a different voice and hence the pitch, volume and modulation of voices differ dramatically. Deskshare Dictation Pro recognizes, with high accuracy, the tone and pitch of your voice and gives impeccable results. You can add distinct phrases, names or mechanical terms into the Vocabulary, for even more precise transcription.

SpeechToTextQuick Formatting using Voice Commands

You might wonder that when you have to execute certain commands you might have to use the keyboard again and again. But that is not how Deskshare Dictation Pro works. You can just speak the command that you need and Deskshare Dictation Pro will execute it for you.

Improve Recognition Accuracy

word processing featuresSometimes Deskshare Dictation Pro might make a simple mistake in recognition, but you can easily correct it using voice commands. Also, multiple user profiles can be created so that multiple users can work on a single computer system. Profiles are made with recognition of the user’s voice. A feature of voice training is available which lets you adjust your speaking style. Create custom voice commands to insert recurrently used text.

After you have voice typed everything, you can save your document in any one of the following formats.

  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • TXT

In conclusion this is an excellent choice for anyone who has a lot of typing work. It is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The customization of commands option makes it simpler and adds to the fun of it. I would certainly recommend it. Do give it a try and let me know about your experience in the comment box below. I hope you found this Deskshare Dictation Pro Review advantageous.