How to Create Fillable PDF Forms Using PDFelement

Forms are required for everything nowadays, especially if you are operating via the internet. At such times creation of a proper and customized form is a must. You know you can create forms using Wondershare PDFelement? Here’s how.

How to Create Fillable PDF Forms Using PDFelement

Create PDF Form from TemplatesStep 1. Create PDF Form from Templates

Wondershare PDFelement provides you with a number of already existing, ready to use templates which are great. To save precious time and energy, it is suggested that you use already existing templates and create a writable PDF from a template which you can download from the Internet too. Now, click the “Create PDF” button on the Home window or go to “Home > From File” to load your form. Alternatively, you can click “File > New” to create a blank document.

Create a Fillable FormStep 2. Create a Fillable Form

Now launch Wondershare PDFelement and open the fillable form with it. Then click on the “Forms” tab on the Top toolbar to reveal all the field options. Now click the first submenu in “Edit Field” to start creating a fillable form. If you want to add a form field, just click on the Form Field tool option. And then move your mouse over the PDF page to add the interactive field: Check Box, Text Field, Dropdown, Radio Button List Box, and so on.

For example, if you wish to add a blank. All you need is to click Add Blank Line in the submenu, move mouse over the PDF form, draw a Blank Line. After you creating an interactive field on the PDF form, double click it to reveal the properties dialogue box. Here you can change the size, colour, border and other things of the interactive field that you have added.

Add Text to a PDF FormStep 3. Add Text to a PDF Form

When you are creating a form you quite obviously would require to add text along with the interactive fields to make things more comprehensive. If you want to add text, go to the “Edit” Menu, click Text tool. Move mouse to the PDF form area, click on the PDF form where you need to insert text to type in the right text. After you have created your form and you want to preview it, click on “Close Form Editing” in the “Form” Menu first. And then a complete form is displayed.

Isn’t it simple? I thought so too. I hope this How to Create Fillable PDF Forms Using PDFelement guideline was useful to you.