How to Create Fillable Form using PDF Form Generator?

We fill forms for almost everything nowadays, but creating a form is not as easy as filling one. You can use PDF Form Generator to make it easier for you though. This is how you can create simple as well as complex PDF fillable forms using PDF Form Generator.

Create Fillable Form Using PDF Form Generator

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Step 1: Install the PDF Form Generator

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To start with, click the download button to get PDF form generator installation package. After downloading, double click on the .exe file and follow the directions to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Download PDF Form Templates

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There are a lot of templates available for each and every type of you don’t really have to start from the start to create a form.  You can just make a few changes to the available templates and have a desired form. Download a template from the internet or you could choose from the array of templates that Wondershare offers.

Step 3: Create Fillable PDF Forms

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After you have selected your template you can start creating your PDF form. When you select a template it may be one of these two. One is with interactive fields and the other one is as plain as a word document with blank spaces. Wondershare PDF Editor supports both of them and you can create a desired form with any template using the steps below.

Generate a PDF form with interactive fields

Now PDF form with interactive field is the most widely used form type because it is easy for thr the fillers to fill in. To create this kind of form, follow the steps below:

  • Open the PDF form template with PDF Form Generator.
  • Click on “Form”, click on “Edit Field” to enter the editing form mode.
  • Choose an interactive field and then move mouse to the PDF form to draw the field.
  • Double click on the added field to set the properties for the PDF form.

This is how you can add interactive fields to the PDF form. To revise and delete text, in the Home Menu, click on the “Edit tool” button. Now, double click on the text block to enter or delete text. Now if you want to add new text, go to the “Insert Menu”. In the Insert Menu, select “Text”, then click on the PDF form to add new text.

Generate PDF form with text and blanks

Some people still prefer the older versions of forms like those typical forms with blanks where in you can just fill in the required details and make it easier for both the submitter and receiver to carry out the process.  To generate this kind of PDF form, follow the steps listed below:

Open the desired form template with Wondershare PDF Editor. In the “Home” menu, click on the “Edit” tool and then double click on the text or image to make the required changes.

To add new text in a blank area, select “Add Text” in “Edit” Menu, click the place in the PDF form to insert new text.

If you find this way is wearisome, you can make a form in a Word document and then use Wondershare PDF Editor to convert it to a PDF form.

I hope this How to Generate a Form using PDF Form Generator was of use to you. You have a free trial version of PDF Form Generator available. So do download and follow the steps listed above. If you come across any difficulty then do let me know by commenting.