How to Convert PDF to Fillable Forms?

The PDF format offers students and professionals plenty of scope for interactivity. You can easily convert a static PDF document into a fillable form; all you need is software that provides you with the features that make it possible. In this post, I will provide you with a short and simple guide that enables you to convert your PDF document to a fillable form using Wondershare PDFelement.


Wondershare PDFelement is essentially an editing program that allows fillable form creation and conversion into fillable forms. You can use its editing features to choose any field in your form and modify it. In addition to editing, you can sign your form and add a layer of protection with a password. Read on to learn how to convert your PDF to a fillable form!

Convert PDF to Fillable Forms

Step One: Import your PDF to PDFelement

open pdf to convertFirst, launch PDFelement on your computer. From the Home window, click the “Open” button. This lets you browse through your local files and find the file you want to convert. Once you have selected the target file, import it to the program by clicking the “Open” button.

Step Two: Option 1 – Change your PDF into a Fillable Form

change pdf to fillable formPDFelement is programmed to recognise interactive forms. As soon as your file is imported, you’ll be prompt that the PDF “contains interactive form fields.” To make the form fillable, simply click the “Highlight Fields” button. If your form is non-interactive, click the “Add Text” button from the “Edit” tab. Then, you can begin placing text boxes on your form in order to fill it.

Step Two: Option 2 – Convert your PDF to Fillable Form Format

convert pdf to fillable formatAs an alterative, you can choose to convert your PDF document to an MS Word or MS Excel document. To do this, choose “To Excel” or “To Word” from the Home tab. Instantly, a pop-up window will appear to let you customise the page range and destination folder. As the final move, click the “Convert” button.


In a nutshell, there are two ways in which you can convert your PDF file into a fillable form: changing it into a fillable form, or converting into another fillable format such as Word or Excel. You start by importing your file, and then choose either one of the options as the second step. With Wondershare PDFelement, the process is exceptionally simple. Go ahead, try it out and tell us about your experience!