How to Convert iTunes DRM – Protected Music to Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 on Mac

convereterApple is well-known for its ability to provide amazing quality of music at a very minimal rate. Not only does iTunes manage your music but you can also buy music tunes there. This is the reason why it is gaining unrivaled popularity nowadays. But we begin to face problems when we want to play music bought from iTunes on other devices, especially Android ones. This is when we require a software that will rid us of the DRM protection that comes with Apple music.

Here is a guideline which can help you to convert  iTunes DRM-Protected Music to Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 on Mac,

Step 1: Install the Software and Choose the Music

The first thing that you need to do is download DRM Converter for Mac on your Mac and then install it. Then the program will automatically sync your iTune files. On the left side of the interface screen, you will see a Music button. Now choose the songs that you would like to convert by checking in the box.

Install the Software and Choose the Music

Step 2: Set Output Format and Saving Folder

On the main interface page, at the bottom, you will find a field where in you will have to specify ther type of out that you want. Now, the format for audio files on Samsung phones is MP3.hence, enter MP3 as the output format. After this, select a desired location for saving the output files.

Set Output Format and Saving Folder

Step 3: Start Converting iTunes Protected Music to MP3

After filling in all the required details in all the fields, you can start with the actual process of conversion. For doing this, click on the Convert button. The process will begin. The time taken by it will depend on the number of files you have selected for conversion. After finishing, the converted music files will be saved to the folder you have chosen before.

Start Converting iTunes Protected Music to MP3

Step 4: Transfer your Converted Music Files to your Samsung Phone

These files have now been converted to the required format and can be transferred to your Samsung phone.

This procedure is extremely simple and can be carried out by anyone. I hope this guideline was helpful to you.